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By graduate_owner
Hi all,
I am sure many of you will be aware of this site but for the rest of the members, there is a very useful site called This is for all sorts of stuff, woodturning, general wood and metalwork, etc. Some of the ideas are, well, complex, and some are trivial but there is a huge amount of stuff 'in between'. You might have to register (free) and they send email updates of new stuff being posted every week or so. This is actually quite useful, unlike many emails I seem to get reminding me of stuff I have absolutely no interest in.

By NazNomad
graduate_owner wrote:... unlike many emails I seem to get reminding me of stuff I have absolutely no interest in.

C'mon, you can never have too much Viagra now, can you? :-D is a great site though.
By homemadetools
Hey, I know that site! :D

Thanks for the compliments. As a reminder, we have 93 homemade tools listed from this forum, all of course fully credited to each builder and linked directly to each post. Just click on the "Sites" tab at the top of any page on our site, and then you'll see this forum around #42 on our list of sites.

I hope we've been able to send you lots of traffic :mrgreen:
By graduate_owner
EVERYONE READING THIS should read the previous post from our friend in Colorado, go to the Homemade tools site, and click on the word 'sites' at the top of the page, as he suggests.
I had not known about this, but I just tried it and WOW, there are over 2000 inks. I am so glad we don't have to pay for dial-up internet axis these days, my telephone bill would be enormous.

Anyway, thanks to you in CO.

By homemadetools
Be careful; once you click, there's no going back! :P When you see all those homemade tools, your project list will quadruple in size, you'll never leave your workshop, and you might even stop building "stuff", because building the tools to build that stuff is more fun.

If you want to start with a lower dosage, we have a subforum of all of our best tool builds. You click on "forum" in our header, then go to the "Must Read" subforum.