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By Trevanion
I've added a bit more to my original post.

There's now a comparison photo and accompanying paragraph underneath "manufacturers" which shows three different blades on top of each other to show different carbide sizes with different quality blades, I've also added a bit more to "American blade nonsense"

There's also a new section "Care for saw blades" which goes over cleaning and maintaining blades.

I've also added a "Forum users list" which I thought would be an interesting idea, feel free to say what blades you like to use and I'll add them to the list :)
By Sideways
Cheers for keeping the post up to date :-)
One the topic of cleaning blades, there are plenty of things that will help shift resin buildup. I've had success with turps / white spirit (actually on bandsaw blades) and after finally trying it out, I'll join in the recommendations for the CMT Orange spray. That works great on saw blades and router cutters alike.