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By Dan-K
Hiya, I'm new here so please be nice :P

I'm thinking of buying a new and fairly budget priced bandsaw for home use. I bought the cheapest Axminster one (AWSBS2) for £130 in 2008 and it was rather disappointing. So now I'm thinking of upgrading and the slightly more expensive Axminsters do look slightly better quality but are there better options out there?

I've had a look at the bandsaw reviews thread here which has helped a little but there are so many brands and models (and no prices mostly) that my head is spinning trying to work out which might be a good buy.

It seems the Scheppach Basato 3h gets a good report. That would be right at the top end of my budget at £400.
Record BS300E seems to be OK but stretching my budget at £400 again.
There is the Axminster AWHBS310N at £300, or I've seen the previous model at £240...
And avoid Dewalt bandsaws like the plague... :P

I'd prefer to be around the 200-250 mark but I'm wary of underspending again...I already fit the 'buy cheap, buy twice' label and I don't want it to become 'buy cheap, buy thrice'! :lol:

Please, can you give me any help? All advice gratefully received...

Edit: I've also seen a Fox F28-194 at £410...sounds a good discount, but I dont know if Fox is a good brand?
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By harryc
I have the dewalt 738 and absolutely no complaints cuts true and straight, in fact I have just resawed some 6" oak this evening with the starrett woodpecker blade and a very impressive cut was achieved for a 500W and supposedly inferior machine.
Could be down to how you tune up your bandsaw.

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By rileytoolworks
Harryc, are you implying I don't know how to set up a bandsaw?

:x :x :x :x :x :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
No, seriously. I've had the (big) Dewalt bandsaw for years now and although it's set up well (and performs well now), I had to do so much fettling that I wish I'd bought something else. I've had to replace the tension adjuster as the threads stripped all too easily, the table was far from flat and the fence may as well go straight in the bin. I've replaced almost every knob or lever.
If you can be ar$ed to tune one up then yes, they can perform really well. But for an upgrade to the OP's bandsaw I'd still suggest he steers clear.
By Henning
Don't know much about bandsaws, but if you haven't already, i suggest the Workshop essentials DVD 3 for getting the most out of it.
Steve really knows his bandsaws!
I know you've said you want a new bandsaw but you could get a much better second hand bandsaw for up to 400 quid.

I've got an elektra beckum bas315 say which I got for about 130 quid second hand a few years ago. It's a vast improvement over the axminster you have (although the fence is a bit pants but you could upgrade that to kreg from axminster). These bandsaws (315/316/317) often come up on ebay and last time I looked the older ones were going for less than I paid.

If you pushed all the way to 400 quid on a second hand bandsaw you could probably get something much bigger - although you may not have the space for much bigger.

I'm afraid I can't help with new bandsaws. I've never really looked.

By Dal123
I've been trying to research them lately but like you say no prices :x . Pretty silly why they do this.
Could anyone list the best makes in descending order?
Dave recommends the:
Elektra Beckum bas315
Cheers Dave :wink: , researching this now, what can we look for to make sure they have not been abused when buying. Could be a bit tricky to try to cut gear when you're buying it (and to be honest I'll be embarassing myself doing this as I haven't used a bandsaw since school :oops: ) and we all know what it's like with a new tool. At least that's my excuse lol. :P
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By Harbo
I would go for a S/H Startrite - they last for ever!

Rod :)
By steve_c
What didn't you like about the Axminster AWSBS2? There's one up on ebay at the mo' that I am considering. Much as I'd like a larger one I just don't have the space.
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By RogerS
I'm surprised by the OP's comments regarding the AWSBS2. I have the earlier sibling (AWSBS), and while it's not perfect, for the price it is exceptionally good value and when set-up properly gives excellent results. Possibly the OP had a friday-nighter?
By wizer
I have the EB BAS315 also and it's a brilliant little machine. Highly recommend it. They come up on eBay often at reasonable prices.

Dan, As your in Staplehurst. Take a look at my signature. You'd be most welcome.
I'm afraid I have no great knowledge of how to check for abuse on the eb315. Mine just works. Like you I had no idea about what I was doing when I bought mine. I'm still never sure with second hand machines. The main thing with these older machines is that there isn' a lot which can go wrong. Once I got the machine I ordered some decent blades and started using it. Never done anything more than that to it. As mentioned, the fence is a bit rubbish, but this seems to be the case with a number of bandsaws. I have considered buying the Kreg fence from Axminster as it's relatively cheap. Don't just use ebay. I bought mine thanks to a free ad on the net.

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By Harbo
A definite NoNo is the DW876 - no amount of adjustment or new blades would make that perform properly.

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By big soft moose
Henning wrote:Don't know much about bandsaws, but if you haven't already, i suggest the Workshop essentials DVD 3 for getting the most out of it.
Steve really knows his bandsaws!

steve does indeed know his bandsaws backwards , however to share this wealth of knowledge you need WE4 (and preferably 5) - WE3 deals with building the ultimate tablesaw tenon jig - though actually i'd advise laying out the 50 notes for the mega bundle and getting WE1-5 as they are all a good watch.
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By misterfish
My first bandsaw was a virtually unused EB BAS315. It worked well (after getting some new blades from Duredge. I was then offered an old ex-school Startrite 352 for a very good price and couldn't resist. I reckon the 352 is brilliant and wouldn't hesitate to replace it should I ever need to.

What was even better was I sold the EB315 on Ebay for way more than I paid for it - enough to buy the 352, so the EB certainly ended up a real bargain.