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By mock
I am thinking of buying a 20ft shipping container to rent out for storage but i am having second thought thinking about condensation and how to prevent it ?.Anyone got any experience doing something similar i have seen a lot of video's regarding this problem but there's nothing like first hand experience on how to prevent condensation .thank's in anticipation Alan :idea: :idea:
By NazNomad
One of my sheds has a metal profile roof, it's like a rainforest in there.

I reckon you're need to insulate/line the whole thing to keep it dry?
By graduate_owner
Definitely insulate. I had a box profile sheet shod, and under one of the spots where the condensation dripped I put a bucket. I had litres of water in a few weeks from just that one spot.

By phil.p
Don't forget there is no ventilation, they are sealed - if something wet or damp is put in, it'll come out wet or damp - which is fine so long as your stuff is only moved in nice dry weather.
By TFrench
They aren't fully sealed - there are a couple of small vents along the sides. We just got a new one at work and fitted a 50mm celotex roof in it using suspended ceiling profiles. Works a treat - no condensation and the bare metal surfaces on the machines in there haven't bloomed yet.
By Matt@
I've rented a few of these. the old ones tend to be basic and condensation is dreadful and of course in the summer its like a furnace if it gets the sun. One I rented was nearly new and had alot of vents - this one didnt condense. I had another that was a 40ft container but was originally a mobile lab - this one was insulated to death so not issues at all!
By Woody2Shoes
I have a relatively recent single-use one. It came with four small, well cowled, vents at ceiling level, near each corner. These vents allow air to circulate. Condensation is not a problem - however, I am extremely careful not to put anything damp (like green timber or wet gear) in there and I do not spend any time in there myself (breathing out warm, damp air). I suppose if you rent out, you have no control what some bright spark might put in there - therefore some insulation with a plastic vapour barrier on the "warm" side - as well as ventilation - might be worth the effort. Cheers, W2S
By mock
Ok i finally bought a 20 ft shipping container in excellent condition and before i buy another and stack it up against each other i was wondering if i should paint the two sides that will be touching each other or very close to each other'' i will not be able to paint them after i put them together . What do you think if i paint them what would paint would you recommend thank's Mock