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By Buffalo Chas
Hi all. Firstly, a belated Happy New Year to all. Hope you all enjoyed the festive season and are ready to go for another exciting year of scrolling and intarsia.

Here are pics of a couple of projects I completed over the holiday period. Both are 10'' x 8'' and cut from 3mm Baltic Birch ply and finished with spray laquer.

Hope you like them.


Running horses (1).jpg
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By linkshouse
Oh my, I wish I had the patience to do these!

I like the dogs because I love dogs but the horses are really well done. You can really see the movement and the power. Very well done.

By Claymore
Lovely work Chas and amazed how they manage to hold together with all the tiny fine cuts...must take ages changing the blade from hole to hole?
The frames suit them too 8-)
Really nice Buffalo Chas.

The puppies are really "sweet" (which in my language does NOT mean "soppy" - we currently have a TV ad for something here which features about a dozen really young/falling over each other St. Bernard pups coming down some steps. That's the sort of thing I mean).

Great stuff.