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By jimmer
i'm having trouble with wood paints not curing properly and a colleague has had good results with an old 1K cellulose primer, giving a nice, mat, prototype grey type finish.
for use in interior plywood.
i can't get cellulose primer where i am, but can get an acrylic one, or a zinc phosphate one.
these are industrial 1-part undercoats for use on tractors etc.

does anyone have any experience using such paints on wood or sheet materials?
can anyone recommend one over the other? both are about the same price (cheapish) so ill otherwise just have to give one a go.
By jimmer
i've just ordered the acrylic one to experiment. it's a high build apparently. could be useful one the crappy plywood i'm stuck with!

any experience would still be great to hear about.

i'll try to remember to report back anyway once i've tried it
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By ED65
FWIW I was reading something some months back where the guy was saying that modern car paints, formulated as they are to work on plastic parts as well as metal, are no longer a bad choice for wood because they can deal with movement as is needed for wood.

Plywood isn't a high-movement application so really you're just concerned with bonding and durability and I think it's likely that nearly any binder can work well.
By jimmer
Thanks for that. makes sense. although these are definitely metal paints, but they can be used over polyester filler for example.
the curing part of the process would seem to be more 'chemical' so to speak, ie is more than just solvents evaporating off for example. i presume exposure to air is causing a reaction which does the curing.?
anyway, I'm hoping the end result is a more reliable durable finish than ive been getting with waterbased paints.
i haven't gone fir an oil based satinwood for example, because drying times are not practical and i dont get on well the vapours.
the car paint is smelly right enough, but at least should be dry quickly.