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By Steve Maskery
I've finally thrown off the cloak of lethargy and put on the mantle of let's get on with it.

The derelict shack at the bottom of the garden has half the roof it had this morning. I should be able to get the rest off tomorrow, but I am too knackered to do any more today.

I'm going to keep the roof panels for the time being, as I have some stuff to keep sheltered outside, but in the fullness of time I should have some steel roof panels in pretty decent condition up for grabs if anyone is interested.

In the meantime does anyone want a dirty great big RSJ? It's free for the taking. Of course, there is no such thing as a free RSJ, you would have to come and help take it down (I've worked out how that can be done safely - jack up one end, remove a course of block, lower it down. Repeat at the other end and walk it down). The really hard part is getting it to the road. There is no proper vehicular access to the back and the RSJ is big. Really big. I mean, you might think it's a long way down to the shops, but that is nothing compared with the distance from one end of this RSJ to the other.

It measures 7.6m long x 400mm high x 140mm wide. I beam. It's actually two sections plated and welded in the middle. Somebody somewhere must be able to use it. If not I'll have to cut it up (ha-ha) and weigh it in. Must be worth a bob or two in scrap, but it's hassle I do not want.

I'll put an ad in the For Sale forum and start a Build thread when I get some pictures.

Edit: Some pics:

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By carlb40
Steve Maskery wrote:I'd love to, Graham, but it is such a lot of work, and trying to do that while actually building as well, I just don't think I can do it.

Camera on a tripod tethered to a laptop to give almost unlimited storage. :mrgreen:

Looking good, will be following with interest. :)
By Shrubby
Steve good to see you start on your new place
You've got a good camera position high up in the house - could you shoot several stills a day and make a Time-lapse film out of them
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By Peter Sefton
Shrubby wrote:Steve good to see you start on your new place
You've got a good camera position high up in the house - could you shoot several stills a day and make a Time-lapse film out of them

Your new neighbours would love you, good luck with the new build. Did you get the SIP's sorted out.
Good to see the new project underway cheers Peter
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By Steve Maskery
Peter Sefton wrote:Did you get the SIP's sorted out.

Ah. The SIPs. Hmm.

The company in Liverpool who quoted me don't want to talk to me. I have no idea why. I have emailed, phone and got an answering machine, phoned and talked to the sales woman. Phoned and talked to the receptionist who told me that said woman was in a meeting but hadn't forgotten me and would ring back. That was 4 weeks ago. They know I have PP and want to order, and yet there is silence.

So I've been to another company, but despite being given the same drawings, their quote is 3x the dozy scouser's (and I'm not tarring all Liverpuddlians with the same brush. I've seen Ken Dodd live).

So I've bought a book about American building techniques and hope to build a New England style 'shop. It will be 4x2's and lots of insulation.

The base is going to be a bit of a problem. I need to centre up the new build and that means extending the existing concrete base. But the bit in front of the double doors slopes up towards the house. I've either got to raise the rest of the base to the highest point (I could use the breeze blocks as infill, I think) or dig up the sloping concrete and re-lay it to match the main area. Any thoughts on that would be welcome.

I did actually get on top of the roof today, but I'm not dead keen on heights anyway and I'm absolutely terrified of falling again. I spent last summer with a knee brace and on crutches. I'm not yet back to where I was 12 months ago and I don't suppose I ever shall be. According to the surgeon I did ten years worth of damage in that one second fall. So whilst I am fine when I'm up there, getting from the ladder onto the flat roof (goodness knows what it will be like with the new one - it's pitched) is very challenging. And kneeling is crippling. Right now this minute my knee is throbbing. So all in all it is not nice.

Frankly this whole project is very, very daunting. I didn't expect to be starting again from scratch at this stage in life. But I have to be positive. I do like my new house (I now have the poshest bathroom on the street), but as you can probably tell from the pics, it's not a very salubrious area. So spending a lot of money on it is a risk. But a man needs a workshop doesn't he?

Thank you all for your encouragement. I do need it and I am very grateful for it. Mind you, I don't think many of you understand how much work is involved in filming.....
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By Cowboy _Builder
Hi Steve ,
I'll ask my mate tomorrow if he wants the RSJ ,and i'll let you know ASAP ....he lives in Kirkby .
If you want any building advice let me know always happy to help, i'm only 10 mins away .

Ps ...The fact that you have a bathroom makes it the poshest on the street after all it is Kirkby , most still have a tin bath hanging on the back of " Coal house " door .
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By xy mosian
Steve, I realise just how difficult it can be to 'Get off your Backside'. Well done, steady away.
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By NickWelford
Perhaps instead of a workshop open day, you should have a workshop building day. A gang of us could descend and do a lot of work in a day......
By Baldhead
Steve sorry I'm to far away to help and with my back all I could do would be make the tea! but I wish you all the best and I look forward to a 'tour' of your new workshop on YouTube.

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By NickWelford
Steve Maskery wrote:Oh it's on the agenda Nick, it's on the agenda. I've had a few offers of help and I intend to call them all in!
Can I add you to the list?

Depending on which day it is, I work Saturdays, Mondays and the odd other days.