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Adjustable dado / housing joint jig

Adjustable dado / housing joint jig

Want to create perfect dados without any fuss? Then you NEED this jig. It’s quick and easy to make and even easier to use….

Haven’t included any measurements as it can be made to pretty much any length (within reason) to suit your project. I made mine out of scrap I had in the workshop.

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  1. woodchip11 says:

    Great Stuff Charlie but I am a bit confused with few more mm added to the 65mm , do you have any measurements ?


  2. Charley says:

    Cheers, Mick. I don’t have the measurements here, I built it as I went along out of whatever scraps I had. I’ll measure it tomorrow and post the details.

    For the guiderails, what you’re trying to achieve is to get the width of the guide-rail (from the edge of the fence) to the exact measurement of the edge of your router cutter to the edge of the router base.

    So for example, if the router measurement is 65mm and the width of your fences are 30mm, add a couple of mm to that and cut your guide-rails 97mm wide. You’ll then end up with oversized guide-rails which you can trim to the exact width with the router once you’ve attached the fences.

  3. paulc says:

    thanks charlie
    what a simple quick jig.

  4. giff says:

    Hi Charlie
    Has the MDF got a laminate black finish ? Where do you get that from ? Thanks Geoff

    • Charley says:

      Yes it has, it’s a leftover panel from when I installed my kitchen a couple years back. I’m ashamed to say I went down the flat-pack route. The MDF panel does make a good guide-rail though.

  5. devonwoody says:

    Thanks Charley for an interesting video, an adaption of the jig for mortices would be hady as well.


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