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First attempt

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  1. chrisd1 says:

    Looks pretty good to me

  2. jj1 says:

    Looks very nice indeed.

    • monty46 says:

      Thank you for your comment the next project is a swinging crib for our first grandchild. I need to go and collect oak very soon for it

  3. scoffy says:

    That is a nice piece of work for any attempt, for first attempt it is brilliant! Did you have drawings to work to?

  4. rafezetter says:

    I think you’re pulling our chain a little Monty… if that really is your first attmept I think you missed your calling :)It’s excellent.

  5. andycrichton says:

    Looks very elegant. What is the finish?

  6. lastminute says:

    I would be proud of that…very impressed.

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