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cab-over ,low-loader and excavator

5 Responses to cab-over ,low-loader and excavator

  1. bryanbennett says:

    Like the truck Frank as a ex hgv driver I can appreciate the work that you have put in to achieve such a fine result.

  2. geoffrey says:

    Nice Truck Frank i saw it on ssv Forum glad youput it on here.


  3. webby says:

    What i want to know who is going to play with it …….

    it aint to look at but to enjoy for a kid anaway :O)

  4. jasric says:

    As I am new to scroll work, I hope one day I will be able to produce such a magnificent model as yours .. well done.

  5. scrollerfrank says:

    Wooooops , Sorry i mist your comments lads ,
    not been on for a while. Thanks glad you like me work ,
    it keeps me of the pub L.O.L

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